Funeral Flowers

For those times when we need a way to show respect for loved ones who have departed and to show our support to the survivors, Rosies & Posies Los Gatos is ready to help with funeral and sympathy flowers. We offer custom-made funeral sprays, wreaths, and baskets, as well as fruit baskets to help support the family after the funeral. Same-day flower delivery is available. Since we work closely with funeral homes throughout the Bay Area, you can rest assured that your tribute of flowers will arrive on time.

Flower Arrangements for the Funeral Home
Including flowers at the funeral home is not just tradition, it is also an integral part of the funeral itself. The flowers have a calming effect and also add an aura of dignity to the service. This is very important for the grieving survivors and can help transform the funeral from a depressing experience to a celebration of the deceased’s life.

With the exception of Jewish funerals in which flowers are not typically used, funeral flowers are tradition throughout most cultures and religions. A casket spray is generally chosen by a close family member to be placed on the coffin. Funeral wreaths, standing funeral sprays, and flower baskets are placed around the coffin or urn. When choosing flowers to be sent to the funeral home, remember to avoid flowers in vases. It is more appropriate to send flower baskets.

Even if the notice says to send a donation in lieu of flowers, it is still considered appropriate to send flowers to the funeral home. Remember, the flowers are meant as a sign of your respect for the deceased and also as support for the family. However, if you are worried that you might offend the family by sending flowers, you can instead choose to send flowers or a gift basket to their home.

Sympathy Flowers for the Residency
Flowers have a very strong effect on our emotions and can do wonders for helping lift our spirits, even in the bleakest times. Thus, sending sympathy flowers to the home of survivors is always a good gesture. Rosies & Posies Los Gatos florist also offers many sympathy gift baskets with items like fruit which can be sent to support the survivors. When the survivors look at the flowers and gift baskets they have received, they will be comforted by the thought of how many people are thinking of them during this tough time.

Which Flowers Are Appropriate for a Funeral?
Many people are hesitant to send funeral flowers or sympathy flowers after a death because they are too concerned about what is considered appropriate. Remember, it is the thought that counts. Just the act of sending flowers will provide comfort to the survivors. Because it is so hard to put our emotions into words, the flowers can also translate your sympathies. Soft tones and delicately-shaped flowers are most commonly given, such as lilies or white roses. However, it is still appropriate to send brightly-colored flowers for expressing sympathy. The florists at Rosies & Posies Los Gatos are here to help if you have any questions about which flowers to send during this difficult time.

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