Valentine’s Day

When you need Valentine’s Day flowers in Los Gatos, CA, there is no better choice than Rosies & Posies florist. We offer an impressive selection of Valentine’s Day bouquets for all budgets. Whether you are looking for a traditional bouquet of a dozen long-stem red roses or want a modern flower arrangement, Rosies & Posies Los Gatos can help.

Why Choose Rosies & Posies Los Gatos?
At Rosies & Posies Los Gatos, we know that there is much more to creating floral arrangements than bunching flowers together! All of our floral arrangement experts are highly skilled at what they do. They are not only trained in how to pick flowers for freshness and quality, but are versed in many arrangement methods. They can take delicate flowers like lilies or orchids and ingeniously work them together with hearty roses for a cohesive, beautiful bouquet. Most importantly, our floral arrangement experts have a deep understanding of the meanings of flowers and their colors. When it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers, our Los Gatos florists will know just what flowers to choose to convey a message of romance, passion, unity, and love. Looking for a Valentine’s Day bouquet for a friend or family member? Our florists also craft many arrangements with lovely pink and lavender flowers which convey how much you care for the recipient.

How to Show Your Love with Flowers
Just the act of sending flowers will show the recipient that you are thinking of them on this special day. To really show your love though, it can help to understand the meanings associated with each type of flower.

Roses: Long-stemmed red roses are the ultimate symbol of love. They are deeply rooted in the tradition of Valentine’s Day and giving roses is considered a classic gesture. White roses symbolize unity and, when combined with red roses, are a perfect way to show your enduring love for a spouse. Orange and deep purple roses have an exotic feel and represent passion. Pink roses symbolize appreciation for a person whereas yellow roses are usually used to cheer up a person.

Orchids: As exotic, delicate flowers, orchids have come to symbolize rare beauty and love. They have an aura of mystique to them, which is ideal when you want to show the recipient that you think your love is something magical and enchanting.

Lilies: Lilies, because of their delicate curvatures, are considered to be very feminine flowers. They represent charm and gracefulness. They are also symbols of devotion. Pink and white lilies are the most popular choices for Valentine’s Day bouquets.

Daisies: Daisies are considered to represent innocence and purity. They are cheerful flowers and are great in Valentine’s Day bouquets for new loves or for friends and family members.

Tulips: Tulips are one of the most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day. Red tulips are symbols of perfect love. Pink tulips are used for showing affection. Though not as traditional as red roses, tulips are equally as classic.

Carnations: Carnations are one of the oldest cultivated flowers in the world and are associated with love. They are the official flower of Mother’s Day but are also very popular in Valentine’s Day arrangements. With their delicate, ruffled blooms, they convey joy and happiness as well as your fascination with the recipient.

Beautiful Valentine’s Day Flowers Delivered in Stunning Vases
When you order Valentine’s Day flowers from Rosies & Posies Los Gatos, there is no need to worry that your Valentine will have to fumble with an unsightly box and then find a vase to fit the bouquet. Our Valentine’s Day bouquets are delivered in quality, artistic vases. This way, you know exactly how the flowers will be presented to your loved one.

Rosies & Posies Los Gatos also offers many other options for creating the perfect Valentine’s Day. Our flowers can be sent with gifts like stuffed animals, chocolates, or balloons. Ordering is easy and we deliver to Los Gatos as well as to your loved ones around the Bay Area.

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