Flowers for All Occasions

At Rosies & Posies Los Gatos florist, we understand how communicative flowers can be. With the right bouquet, you can say “I Love You”, “Thank You” or “I’m Here for You”. Our team of highly skilled florists will help you pick the perfect flowers for your needs. We also have a large selection of unique floral arrangements that are suited for all occasions. These all-occasions flowers combine different types of flowers with vibrant colors to create arrangements which anyone would love.

First Date Flowers
When choosing a first date flower, it is best to play it safe because you don’t know the recipient very well yet. Avoid flowers with strong romantic associations, such as red roses, and instead opt for flowers which are sure to make the recipient smile, like colorful Gerber daisies or a sunflower.

Flowers for Birthdays, Graduations, and Celebrations
Flowers are the perfect accompaniment to any celebration. Their brightness and liveliness add to the festive atmosphere. Choose large, brightly colored flowers like hot pink Gerber daisies and yellow roses. Tropical plants make a great gift for a housewarming party. Why not add some balloons to the flowers to really enhance the festive spirit?

Flowers for a New Baby
What better way to celebrate bringing a new life into the world than giving the mom flowers, which are a symbol of life? Rosies & Posies Los Gatos florist can create classic “new baby” bouquets using pink or blue themes. Any festive, brightly colored bouquet is also a good choice. If sending flowers to the hospital, do avoid flowers which have very strong fragrances though (we can recommend scentless bouquets). We also keep a large selection of stuffed animals which you can send along with the flowers as a gift for the new baby.

Flowers for Men
Who says that flowers are just for women? Men also love getting flowers. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy being surrounded by beautiful, fragrant blooms sent from someone who cares about them! Any flower arrangement which is suitable for women could also be given to a man. However, when choosing flowers for men, it is more common to avoid ruffled flowers like carnations and instead choose stoic flowers like calla lilies. Tropical flowers, contemporary bouquets, and modern potted plants are also great choices for men.

Prom Flowers
For many, prom will be the first time they receive a corsage or wear a boutonniere, so you want to make sure that the flowers you choose will be special. Rosies & Posies Los Gatos florist prepares for prom by offering a large selection of affordable prom flowers in many colors. If you are unsure what color dress your date is wearing, opt for a white corsage as it will match anything.

Get Well Flowers
Almost any bouquet is suitable for wishing someone a speedy recovery. In fact, there are even studies which show that having flowers around can expedite recovery and lift spirits! When choosing “get well” flowers, you should keep a few things in mind though. Some hospitals have “no smell” policies and you should refrain from sending strongly-scented flowers. Rosies & Posies can recommend scentless flowers or even create silk flower arrangements. It might not be best to send a potted plant to a recovering person as plants do need to be watered, something which may be a burden for the recipient.

No Matter the Occasion, We Are Here to Help!
Not sure which flowers are best for the occasion? Let the experts at Rosies & Posies Los Gatos florist help. Call us or come visit us locally. Our florists just need to know what the occasion is and the personality of the recipient in order to recommend a bouquet or custom floral design. With affordable prices for quality floral designs, everyone is sure to be happy.

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