Rosies & Posies Los Gatos florist offers flower arrangements to suit every occasion, style, and budget. We are proud to be a family-owned business which works closely with customers to ensure they are happy. No matter what type of flower arrangements you are looking for, we are sure that our expert Los Gatos florists can help!

Why Give Flowers?
For over 4,500 years, people have been arranging flowers and giving them as gifts. Unlike many other traditions, this practice has not died out. Rather, the practice only flourished and today giving flowers is considered to be one of the most thoughtful things you can do for a person, regardless of the occasion.

Why is it that the practice of giving flowers has transcended the generations and spanned across so many cultures? As people who work closely with flowers every day, we here at Rosies & Posies Los Gatos florist can attest to the power flowers have on our wellbeing.

Studies have shown that flowers trigger positive emotions. Upon receiving flowers, people immediately feel delight and a lift of spirits. This is not only important for celebrating the happy times in life, but also for alleviating depression in tough times like after a death in the family. Even long after the flowers have been received, the emotional boost they provide lasts. In today’s fast-pace age where we are constantly surrounded by technology, the natural beauty of flowers is a welcoming respite.

Flowers Can Speak Volumes
They say that a picture can speak 1000 words. This is nothing compared to the communicative powers of flowers. With their unique shapes, vibrant colors, and sweet aromas, flowers can send many messages. In fact, during the Victorian era, people sent flowers to convey the emotions which were considered socially unacceptable to say with words.

Regardless of the message you want to send, there is a way to say it with flowers. At Rosies & Posies Los Gatos florist, we don’t just rely on the old adages of “roses are for love” or hydrangea for “thank you”. We have some of the best florists in California who know how to create beautiful, expressive bouquets using combinations of flowers and color. Our customers can choose from a large selection of flowers online or they can call or visit us directly to order flowers. Just tell us a bit about the recipient, the occasion, and what message you wish to convey. We will translate the message into flowers!

Because Giving Flowers Should Be Fun and Easy
Giving someone flowers should be something which is enjoyable! Rosies & Posies Los Gatos florist strives to make the process of buying flowers as fun and easy as possible for you. We pride ourselves on our level of customer service, which includes offering free advice on flower selection and also crafting custom flower bouquets to your exact specifications. When you order flowers from Rosies & Posies Los Gatos, you can rest assured that the recipient is getting nothing but the best. All our flowers are sourced fresh from quality growers. With our flower delivery, the flowers will be sent already arranged in a vase for a stunning presentation. Because we are a local florist in the Bay Area and not a flower broker, you can also rest assured that you are getting the best flowers for your budget.

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